Product/Material Testing

  • Elastomer Testing
  • Plastics Testing
  • Metals Testing

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  • Optical Photomicroscopy
  • ​Replications for creep analysis
  • Macro and Micro examinations

​​ISO/IEC 17025:2005(E) Accredited

Our Laboratory is environmentally controlled in accordance with ASTM requirements for temperature and humidity (74̊ F 50% RH) and fully equipped with state of the art calibrated test and measurement instruments.


Independent third party testing to a variety of specifications including.

  • AASHTO LRFD Bridge Construction
  • AASHTO Standard for Highway Bridges
  • AASHTO M251-06 Standard for Plain and Laminated Bridge Bearings
  • Strip seals and compression seals for expansion joints
  • Urethane disc bearings
  • AREMA and State DOT requirements
  • Canadian standards
  • Batch testing for product performance
  • Verification testing of experimental elastomers​
  • Customer specific or designed test standards

Proof Load Testing

  • 2 million pound test press
  • Instron 250 kN (56K lb)Universal Test Machine (UTM)

           500 N to 5000 kN (112 lbf to 56k lbf)         

  • Additional UTM's with capacities from 120 lb to 400K lb
  • Hydraulic, hydrostatic, pneumatic pressure testing


PNL provides reliable testing on a wide range of materials from elastomers to cast iron. We commonly test for physical properties of materials and performance testing of finished products. We offer various ASTM tests of metals, elastomers, plastics, and composite materials. Our laboratory and technicians are specialists in testing of elastomeric bridge bearings to state and federal requirements. For a more comprehensive list of tests and inspections please see the information below.

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Physical Mechanical Testing

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Specialty Testing

  • Consulting, design and review of test procedure
  • Customer/Product Specific Tests
  • Custom test design
  • PE on staff

Elastomeric Bridge Products