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​​Welding Qualification Services

  • WPS-Welding Procedure Specifications

              Preparation and Development

                 All Processes and Materials

                         Carbon and Alloyed Steels

                         Stainless Steels


                         Copper and Brass

                         Plastics , HDPE, FRP

              Code Applications

                          ASME IX

                          AWS D1.1, D1.3, D1.4

                          AWS B2.1, B2.3, and others

                          API 1104

  • PQR-Procedure Qualification Records

               Administration and Testing

               Preheat and Post Weld Heat Treat

  • Individual Welder Test Booths 
              GTAW - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 
              SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding
              FCAW - Flux Cored Arc Welding
              GMAW - Gas Metal Arc Welding
              Brazing and Soldering​

Non-Destructive Examination

  • UT-Ultrasonic Testing, Shear Wave, UTPA, TOFD, Thickness

  • RT-Radiographic Testing, Conventional and Computed

  • ET-Eddy Current Testing, Tube Testing, RFT

  • VT-Visual Testing, AWS Certified Weld Inspections

  • MT-Magnetic Particle Testing, Visible and Fluorescent

  • PT-Liquid Penetrant Testing, Visible and Fluorescent

  • LT-Leak Testing, Bubble Test, Pressure Change,  Voltage Discharge

  • GPR-Ground Penetrating Radar

  • PMI-Positive Material Identification, X-Ray Fluorescence

  • Hardness Testing, Coating Examinations

  • ICC Special Inspections, Welding, Bolting, Fire Proofing, Epoxied Anchor Bolts, Wood Trusses

 We Provide a Full Range of Testing and Inspection Services to Meet Your Needs

We offer comprehensive testing and inspection services to industrial, commercial, mining, municipal, transportation, and utility companies. Select a service group to learn more about Nondestructive Examination, Welding Technology and Physical/Mechanical Testing services.


Physical/Mechanical Testing

  • Elastomeric bearing pad testing 

          AASHTO LRFD

          AASHTO Standard Specifications

          AASHTO M251-06

          State Standards

  • ASTM tests of elastomers, plastics, and metals

​          Tensile Tests

          Compression Tests

          Shear Tests

​          Adhesion/Peel Tests

          Bend Tests


          Other Mechanical Properties

  • Cold and Elevated Temperature Conditioning
  • Optical Microscopy 
  • Pressure Testing-Hydraulic and Hydrostatic
  • Proof Load Testing to 2 million pounds
  • Forensic Failure Analysis
  • Custom tests per Customer designs and requirements

PNL Services

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