Project Scope:  This section of the Hoover Dam project was a $71 million portion of the $240 million overall total. The project included construction of two new mainline bridges and three wildlife overpass bridges. The project took over 2 years to complete.

Project Challenges:  This project was a very publicized job and was on a scrutinized timeline. Since some of the specific tests require weeks to complete, laboratory equipment scheduling and meeting test completion deadlines was of the utmost importance.

Summary:  PNL completed the elastomeric bearing pad testing on time. The end result of the project was a finished thoroughfare connecting US93 to the new Mike O'Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge. This new section of roadway and bridge allowed traffic traveling on the US93 to bypass the Hoover Dam, eliminating dangerous hairpin curves and removing traffic from traveling directly over the dam. 

Dates:                2009 - 2010

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Project:             US93 to Mike O'Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge Project

PNL Services:  Testing of elastomeric bridge bearing pads.

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Location:           Connecting Arizona and Nevada, United States